LOVIT Solutions

This blog is the personal thought space for Steve Edens.    The core idea for the site is to have a place to permanently store the thoughts relating to creating business solutions that involve an organization of providing a service.   LOVIT is a name that stands for the IBM Line of Visibility Information Technology.   They still refer to it as LOVEM,  Line of Visibility, Enterprise Modeling.    It’s been around since the 90s.

Basically, this site is mostly a blog about Technical Architecture and Methodology, but I divided it into six aspects to consider when developing a business application and particularly as a service.     Additionally…   I think it is useful to have checklists to consider for many different tasks.  Therefore, you’ll find them all over the pages within this site.

There are many different perspectives or dimensions to the work but it is basically organized in a couple of different ways that relate to Leadership, People, and Systems.

“Who, What, With” is a simple way to get a grip on the thoughts that relate to navigating through the challenges of creating a services-based approach for computing.    What checklists are available to help a leader/manager get a grip on moving some initiative forward?


Who What With is a mental framework to help manage


There is also a Facebook page called “Who What With” and it is a similar venue for publishing this stuff, but, of course…   It is Facebook friendly.

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