Where do we go in 2018?

Happy New Year – Day One.     The sun still hasn’t risen but I’m up and gulping coffee and reflecting on how this coming year will proceed.    I had occasion to think about Chandler Bing, from the Friends TV show,   (played by the actor,  Matthew Perry).   In short, Chandler started a temp job and then proceeded to stick with that career over the course of the TV series,  ( many years ).    One core element of Chandler’s job was to produce the WENUS report, ( Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems ),  that that’s the base of many jokes.

I mention all this because I have given some thought to the Info Tech industry and how it is progressing.    If you look at a lot of the media you come away with the news that everyone seems to be working on topics as exciting as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, and doing it all with JavaScript.  🙂    I suspect the truth is closer to the fact that most of us produce WENUS reports.

Another one of my brilliant epiphanies concerns the state of application development.   Recently, on Linkedin, someone posted a funny video on recruitment.    I mentioned this because a lot of Info Tech recruitment centers around the candidate’s understanding of technologies, but I suspect that job success really depends on navigating relationships and leading with good decisions.    It’s EQ more than IQ, but you need a foundation of the right stuff, the IQ.    Therefore, if you watch the video there is a humorous view of how employers try to ascertain a candidate’s analytical and decision-making potential.

WhoWhatWithI’m not all that big on new years resolutions but I vowed to do more to try and help facilitate a common sense approach to helping people get a grip on how to proceed with accomplishing tasks.    Frequently you see people flow the questions of;  Who, What, Why, How, When, etc…   But I’d suggest that Who, What, and With are probably the right ideas to convey.    Fundamentally you need to accomplish some result and you probably consume resources to get there.

I’ve now been in IT for a pretty long time.   It was called Applied Math when I started and big IBM computers crunched numbers, accounting.    I’ve never seen a WENUS report but I’m still very excited to develop computer applications and I continually get the feeling like we’re on the verge of some exciting new computer-assisted products and services.

I hope everyone finds good fortune in 2018.


Author: Love Ibor

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