My dad… Creating Solutions

My dad, who is long gone, was once a musician in life.    Now, I say that because, in my role as Enterprise Architect, I considered the challenge that creating a large enterprise solution was like assembling a diverse set of people and handing them musical instruments.   “Hey you over there,  you look like a Tuba guy!”     I’m sure you can imagine the first rehearsal where a group of strangers begins to play.    “The Music Man” is a delightful Broadway musical which comes to mind.    But, in returning to my dad…   He spent his life playing…   He had a musical gig on the day he died in his eighties.    Here’s the core point.    My dad would be hired, typically because they needed a Clarinet or a Bass player.    However,  he could play a lot of instruments and he could fit into Drums, Flute, Sax…    Lots of talent.     That’s also the challenge of finding solution developers in today’s agile high paced world.      I’d suggest, that the job requirements always have a very specific list of technologies but the reality of creating a solution is that you needed a lot of flexibility to collaborate and the leadership to contribute and drive a solution forward.

Author: Love Ibor

Virtual Reality pioneer

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