Steve Edens…   I could talk all day about services and methodology and architecture but I wanted to have some space to share some of my own, more personal opinions.    Over time I have developed a sense of paradigms I believe in.     Additionally, I have a hobby and vocation in art and graphical design.    I had an assessment test a few years ago and I have pretty equal right and left brain cognitive functions.

Different roles for the developer and architect

About me

First of all, I’m old.  Not dead… but I like to say experienced in a good looking Yoda kind of manner.   Perhaps more to the point, I’ve been involved in the computer industry all my life.   I love programming and creating solutions, but as most experienced folks know, there are a lot of other activities involved in a computer career.   I have worked on many different projects as a consultant, employee, and contractor.   I’ve written a computer book and numerous articles for IBM as well as taught several classes at the New England Institute of Technology.    In my work with IBM, I have visited thousands of companies and consulted on their IT activities.    I’ve been involved in Java work since it was Oak, and that is pretty much true.   It’s been a long saga for Java and I still love it.    I’ve done a couple of projects with other languages such as C++.  I spent about a year and a half coding in Microsoft .ASP…    I have the intellect and talent for being able to learn quickly.   As an IBM Systems Engineer, I was thrust into many situations where I needed to learn and explore many technical challenges and I succeeded very well.

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Steve Edens  ( beams proudly )


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