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I love reading this stuff about IQ and EQ…   I just barely passed the Mensa test…   it was a lot of years ago and I passed by one point.    But I thought that was ok.     I knew I had the right stuff of intellect but what really counts in life is how you use it.    All in all,  I would say that you need a base level of intellect, but the more important element of your life is found in your relationships.


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Recruiting – PEOPLE

I love this video which is shared by Brian Burns on LinkedIn.   I always have this terrific fear of job interviews because you never know what’s going to happen, (laughs). In a more positive perspective, it’s good to get out and meet people and job and project interviews are always very memorable.


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LOVIT Solutions

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LOVIT stands for “Line of Visibility” Information Technology…   SNAG-0576

The Line of Visibility or LOV work comes from IBM and represents an approach to developing business processes.  The work dates back to the nineties, In short, LOV is an approach for developing and refining business processes.

For today, business process decomposition relates to the development of computer application services and the emerging discipline of Services Oriented Architecture.

SNAG-0577Basically, the improvements and speed and availability of computational power facilitate the ability to design and create finely grained applications, like microservices.   Conversely, large monolithic applications tend to be inflexible so microservices off the flexibility to dynamically improve business capabilities.

How does one make sense of it all?

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cropped-rubic-trans-512.png  Navigating through all the challenges of a project is like solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle.   There’s a lot of twisting and turning,   politics and perhaps drama, but the formula for success involves a modern day approach to teamwork and collaboration.

The core approach to evolving this blog is to offer “Checklists”, which can be used to manage tasks relating to solution development.