Virtual Reality

This page addresses Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.    I’ve been involved with Virtual Reality since about 2006 but I did not really focus on it until 2009.    Fundamentally the success of virtual reality depends on an environment of microtransactions.   The business model is to sell 3D products which people can use in designing virtual worlds.   Designers create about anything you can imagine,  buildings, furniture, avatars, clothing and more…     As I’ve said many times,  if everyone in China buys a skirt (virtual reality clothing)  for a nickel, then that’s pretty good money.    As in every emerging market, there is a lot of experimentation, lots of competitors…   Starting a business in an innovative market is tough.    Now, having said all that, I jokingly think of the Dire Straights song,  “Money for Nothing, Kicks for Free”.    If you create mass market appeal then thousands… no wait… MILLIONS of people become customers…   That’s the grand vision.    For business, there are new frontiers and vistas for simulation, augmented reality, education and more.     The big problem here is that the market has yet to gain any momentum.

IBM Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Worlds

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