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Bio for Steve Edens  —  BIO EDENS for 2018 v1



Mr. Steve Edens is a Senior Solution Development Consultant with over thirty years of experience in the Information Technology arena working with both large enterprises and startups. Steve leads and helps software development teams navigate to creating successful business solutions.


A developer, but also Architect, Manager, Writer, Creative Artist, Steve has helped hundreds of companies, including IBM, Adobe, Staples with a diverse set of technology projects. Every client has unique needs and every engagement requires situational leadership. Steve’s solution approach is simple: “Who What With”, Who is the client? What do they need? With what resources? Steve is both a hands-on developer but also a thought leader and has been the Quality Manager for IBM and has a terrific understanding of Technology, Quality and Performance.

Mr. Edens led Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, as Enterprise Architect, establishing technology governance but also designing their enterprise healthcare business front end, and developed the National Provider Identifier, NPI

Mr. Edens has provided senior thought leadership for e-Business architecture on a Fortune 500 enterprise, ranked in the top 20% of US technology organizations. Projects include: Directory Services, Content Management, Security, EAI, Web and back-end Java Application development.

Architect and developer for CRM advertising personalization system at Lycos, Mr. Edens, developed neural network-based transaction system to support up to sixteen million users in Microsoft and Java technology. Won “Best in Class” Web Marketing award at 1998 Internet Commerce Expo.

He was the Lead Developer for DiskWorks, Internet Microsoft Commerce Server music store vending over 300,000 products and sold to Music Boulevard and eventually Amazon.

Mr. Edens team authored Microsoft Site Server for Professionals with the distinguished WROX publishers in the UK.

He taught Senior Electronic Commerce course at New England Institute of Technology.

Mr. Edens was the Director of Software Engineering for The Computer Group, a part of IKON Office Solutions and ranked third best Microsoft Solutions Provider. He developed the Consulting Engagement Methodology, currently Microsoft Solutions Framework.

Responsible for Sales and Services business processes in the Southern US as IBM Business Transformation manager, Mr. Edens spoke at the IBM US Quality Forum.

Mr. Edens was the team leader for IBM Team Tennessee, a $400 million division of IBM. He had the highest customer satisfaction record in IBM US in the ‘90s.

He was the Marketing Manager for IBM Printing and Publishing. Mr. Edens attained a sales record for printing and publishing products.

Mr. Edens was the IBM Systems Engineering Symposium Area Director for IBM US. He implemented the fourth IBM Super Computer at the University of Florida.

Professional Background

Mr. Edens had a twelve-year career with IBM encompassing positions in Systems Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Management. Mr. Edens was IBM Business Transformation Manager and worked on a team to design current IBM business processes. He has established a technology consultancy called LOVIT since 1997 and has partnered with Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. Mr. Edens is an author and educator.
Mr. Edens has an MBA in Management from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of North Carolina. He has held an ICCP Certificate in Data Processing and is a certified Java Programmer.

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