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LOVIT stands for “Line of Visibility” Information Technology…   SNAG-0576

The Line of Visibility or LOV work comes from IBM and represents an approach to developing business processes.  The work dates back to the nineties, In short, LOV is an approach for developing and refining business processes.

For today, business process decomposition relates to the development of computer application services and the emerging discipline of Services Oriented Architecture.

SNAG-0577Basically, the improvements and speed and availability of computational power facilitate the ability to design and create finely grained applications, like microservices.   Conversely, large monolithic applications tend to be inflexible so microservices off the flexibility to dynamically improve business capabilities.

How does one make sense of it all?

There’s an article from IBM in 2004 which outlines the Elements of Service-Oriented Analysis and Design.    Services Oriented Architecture or SOA can mean many things to people who have different roles in crafting business solutions.     LOV or “Line of Visibility” ushers in a new era of collaboration for business partners, resulting in the physical implementation of services based business which embodies many aspects including;   leadership, people, and systems.     This blog explores all the different ideas and concepts in services based computing.


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