Never engage in a fashion fad that doesn’t look right. It won’t be any better twenty years in the future.

I worked a lot with fashions relating to virtual reality… and consequently the real world.   I became much more aware of fashions, fad, and trends.     I’m not really a big fan.    I sort of get that fashions drive business models, advertising and merchandising.

It all gave me pause to wonder why humans have not developed some sort of miracle fabric clothing which is vended from convenient machines.     Tyvek paper cloth comes to mind.

When considering new projects there is a related anti-pattern where a designer or developer has a skill and then wants to use it for everything.

When all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.  🙂

Author: Steve Edens

Solution Architect and sometimes digital sociologist / artist. Steve Edens is a veteran of developing business applications and formerlly Quality Manager for IBM.

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