Can I move?


I love this video snippet from the movie:  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.   It is an iconic movie for baby boomers but I don’t mean to digress.   In this scene, there is a test of a gunfighter and I show this because it reminds me of today’s job market for tech geeks.   I suspect that the job requirements often focus on job skills of technologies.  While skills are important, it is the soft skills that will make or break for success.    Mastery of SDLC methodology and “agility” are just as important if not more then technology.    I might tend to suggest that there’s no such thing as a simple coder.

Link to video on YouTube

Author: Steve Edens

Solution Architect and sometimes digital sociologist / artist. Steve Edens is a veteran of developing business applications and formerlly Quality Manager for IBM.

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